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Estate Planning, Wills, Trust, Probates


Your family is your Number One priority and planning for your future is a very personal thing.  Every individual has their own goals and needs—and at Gallini Law PLLC you’ll find counsel and preparation tailored to you, your circumstances and objectives.  We will work with YOU to create strategies and plans that protect your family and your assets.


Estate planning is a group of tasks that manage a person’s assets in case of incapacitation or death.  This includes the appointment of heirs and management of estate taxes.

These tasks include:

  • Wills

  • Appointment of guardians for living dependents

  • Naming an executor to administer the terms of the will

  • Managing beneficiaries on all insurance and retirement plans and accounts

  • Setting up trust accounts for beneficiaries which will limit estate taxes

  • Making funeral arrangements

  • Powers of Attorney


Estate planning is a process that should begin at the time an individual begins accumulating assets.  Every phase in an adult’s life comes with differing responsibilities and goals.  Your estate plan should change and grow with your stage in life and your new goals.  Loved ones can be burdened with financial issues caused by inadequate estate planning.  Gallini Law PLLC has attorneys who are experts in assisting you in setting up a plan that will give you peace of mind.  They will walk you through each step and you will find that they truly care about you and your future.


Plan for the ones you love today.

Get the peace of mind you deserve forever.

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